Halls of Extinction

from by Graveborn



This song is about the arrogance of humanity and the refusal to accept that we are part of something much bigger. Our lack of respect for the planet we live on and the universe we are part of has already left a long history of hard lessons learned, yet we continue to ignore the warning signs.


Behold the halls of extinction
Monument, to the, broken,
Branches of the tree of life
Bow before the halls of extinction
Monument to the broken,
Branches of the tree of life
Countless will perish, Infinite Cataclysms
Mass extinction, Devastation, {of} Life on Earth
Biological Matrix, Planet of the Trees
decomposing organic matter
Buried before they can decay
Apocalyptic origins of an impossible scale
Relentless Floods of Molten Ichor
Lay waste to the surface of this world
Look up to the stars and seek out the answers
Beg false idols for the knowledge
Responses given through a portent of doom
The forces that built mountains
Will turn and entomb them
Buried here for millions of year
Apparitions of great magnificence
All that remains is to look up in hopeless wonder
Prisoners of earth, nowhere to turn
Beyond our guilt and our fears


from Seeds of Life, released January 1, 2016



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Graveborn Boston, Massachusetts

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